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I sell fishing rod building components. Some of the products I sell are 8 ft long. Most of the rod blanks are over the 100cm length that the carriers limit regular shipping to. At the same time, they only weigh about 2 oz. Is it possible to  add a shipping surcharge to a particular collection?? Or is there a way to add length to the shipping calculator, as most of the blanks use dimension calculation and not weight. 

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May I know which carrier you are using? 

As you have mentioned, when the length is over a specific value, most carriers charge an additional surcharge. For example, FedEx charges additional handling charge if the longest side if the package exceeds 48 inches. One of the options you can try is to use an app like our Multi Carrier Shipping Label, that helps you handle the additional charges related to product size and weight. The app has an option to enable the volumetric weight of the product, that takes the product size into consideration and calculate the weight accordingly, thereby allowing you to charge the additional cost. 

You can try the app with a 14-day free trial. If you face any issues or require help with the setup, do contact our support or directly ring us at 1-831-267-6349.

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