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i am starting a 2 new store soon, 2 different brands selling similar items targeted to different markets

my business is a ltd company registered in uk

both brands are under 1 company


i was wondering can you have 2 shopify payment accounts, one for each store


or can you only have 1 shopify payment account for 1 registered business, but can linked to 2 stores?


how would it work

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Hi @pats777,

Finley from the Shopify team here.

Shopify Payments

If you were to have separate websites for your two brands, then you'll need to have two Shopify accounts, as well as Shopify Payments set-up for each store that you open.

If your websites are duplicates of each other, with the only differences being language and currency, then, in that case, you could have one Shopify store (therefore with one Shopify Payments). With that, you can enable multiple languages to create separate URLs for the translated versions of the website, and selling in multiple currencies within one Shopify store is also an option.

Because it sounds like you fall under the former category, you can navigate to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Payments > Shopify Payments on both Shopify accounts and set up Shopify Payments separately like so:


In saying that, you can absolutely use the same set-up details for both accounts.

You may also find our Shopify Payments FAQ guide handy.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this.

Target audience

What kind of products are you selling and what is the thought behind targeting two different markets for similar products?

It can be more difficult to market to different audiences, instead of focusing on just one initially. If you identify a target audience you'd like to sell to, it will allow you to build stronger relationships with your customers. This will in turn save you time, money, and energy on marketing.

On this subject, I like our Niche Your Business course on Shopify Compass, which explains this concept further.

In Section 4: Identifying your Target Audience, you will see the process of narrowing down who your ideal customer is, which includes:

  • Understanding what your customer's interests are
  • What location your customer resides in
  • If your product solves the customer's challenges and pain points

A written guide to help you determine which of the two audiences you have that you'd like to target initially is this one on building buyer personas for your store.

With the information you've gathered about your target audience, you can build a profile that represents your core customer group, to help you develop a marketing plan.

Once your business is going strong, that would be a time to look at how you can expand the reach of your business to other audiences.

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Finley | Social Care @ Shopify 
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