sorting shipping settings

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When adding packages in the Shipping Settings, is there a way to sort or change the order of the packages. I would like to have the more popular box sizes at the top of the list.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi there Randy!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for posting here about your needs in regard to the admin functionality around sorting your saved packages.

I've looked into this and tested it out on my own store to be sure; at the moment it's not possible to sort these packages either in your shipping settings or when fulfilling from the order itself.

What I have done on this for you already is to lodge a feature request with our product support team so they know this is something our merchants are looking for in future.

For now, if you absolutely had to re-order these packages, I think they would need to be deleted and then re-entered in the order of your choice. This is less-than-ideal obviously but we like to give all the info we can on any possibilities.

If there is anything else you feel is missing from the platform or we can help out on anything else just let us know and we'll keep working with you here. :)

Best of luck with everything! 


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Why is this feature NOT been added?

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I agree, sorting the list of available saved packages should absolutely be implemented.  I'm shocked this isn't possible!  I think the list shows in the order the packages were entered, correct?  So, if I wanted my packages sorted I should delete them all and enter in the correct order?  Please advise!