there are no shipping methods for your cart or destination

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I have an angry customer, and am having an issue with processing orders. Here is the customer email:

 I'm trying to purchase some items from your shopify site but when I attempt the checkout process, it says "there are no shipping methods for your cart or destination"


Please help.



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Hello Thomas,

I’m Freya, here with the Shopify Support Team!

Great question, and thank you so much for reaching out about this. This error usually occurs for a couple of reasons:

1. The customer is trying to ship to a country or state not included in your shipping zones, to fix this, just add in the destination in a shipping zone.

2. If you're using flat shipping rates, the order's weight or price is not included in the shipping criteria. For example, if you had a shipping rate of $10 for orders between 0.0-5.0 lbs and the order weighted 5.5 lbs there would be no available shipping rate. 

3. If you're offering carrier calculated rates in the checkout, the address have to validated against the carrier (USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS), if the carrier doesn't recognize the address it won't be able to return rates to your customer. A really good test to see if this is the case is to take the address and see if Google Maps can pull it up. If not, the customer may have to reformat the address, or you can create a draft order for them :)

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any more questions! Cheers :)

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Thomas, 'No Shipping methods' comes only when Shopify is not able to find any Shipping configured under your Shopify shipping settings. Can you please confirm if you have :

- configured any flat rate or free shipping in your Shopify settings page.

- configured Shopify carrier calculated rates? If you have configured and are still not getting them at checkout, then you need to check whether you have provided weights to the products. Ideally if you have not provided weights, then the shipping quotes won't come.

Also, there may be other reasons for the rate to not come. For example, the shipper address may not have been updated, or the destination is incorrect. Also in such cases, it is important to have proper error handling to understand the cause of errors. Using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app, you can very easily understand the error through the logs.

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