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My product is a garment made of a fabric blend which is not manufactured much and is very difficult to find suppliers. After almost 2 years of hits and misses, I found a fabric manufacturer who agreed to organize the other components such as sewing, testing (the garment is regulated in north america) and everything else. 

The production process was challenging because it was a first for them (they usually only manufacture fabric and not the finished garment) and for me (this is my very first inventory) and by the end, the supplier was talking about not continuing this partnership and after much toing and froing, he has agreed to continue.

Currently, the product is finished and he is waiting for me to organize shipping. 

I have to leave the country in july and will be gone for 2 months so that if I were to organize shipping, it would arrive after I had left. So I want to defer shipping in such a way that it arrives just after I get back into the country too. 
But I don't know how to approach my supplier and ask him to keep the product with him for 2 months, without irritating him and possibly ending our professional relationship. 

Currently, I have paid him 50% of the agreed price with the rest when he ships. So I was thinking I could tell him that I would pay some percentage of the remaining amount that I owe him and then give him the rest at the time the stuff gets shipped. Or should I offer him storage fees on top of the agreed amount? How can I go about broaching this with my supplier without losing him in the future?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!