Adding a 'From' to the price on a listing in a collection where there are variants in price in Debut theme

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Hello, I am trying to have have 'From £price' on products in collections in my shop where there are variants with different prices. My shop uses the Debut theme, other themes seem to have this as standard when there are variants with different prices. I quite like Debut and want to stick with it. Currently, it displays the item and simply £Price instead of 'From £price when there are variants with different prices which is confusing for customers when the click on an item and only then realise there are different prices with variants. 

I found very clear instructions on this forum about where to enter the word 'from' on the product-price.liquid Snippet but the post is unfortuately out of date, from 2016, and it's instructions of eg. 'go to line 35 etc. seem to have all changed since the post was written. When I try and follow this and put it where seems correct in the present product-price.liquid Snippet all the prices on my store, regardless whether there are variants, end up with a 'from' price before the price.

Any help with this matter would be appreciated.


Best, John

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Hey John,

If you can point me to the thread with instructions you've used I can try mapping them to a fresh version of Debut theme.

Sergiu Svinarciuc | CTO @
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I'm having the same issue. I would have liked to see an option to display the range of prices (e.g. "$12-$45") as other forum users have requested, but adding "From" to the lowest price is an elegant solution.

I managed to edit the Debut code to make this work, but I'll warn you that although I'm a programmer by day I'm BRAND NEW to Shopify and liquid. This may not be the right way to do it so be careful. (And if anyone knows a better solution please post!)


The price is displayed by the snippet "product-price.liquid". You can add "From" to this snippet, but then every time a price is displayed, anywhere, it will have "From" in front of it, which isn't what we want.

So what we're going to do is to create a new snippet called "product-price-from.liquid", which will have the "From" in it. Then in the grid view we can call the new snippet instead of the normal snippet.

Detailed instructions:

Go to Themes / Actions dropdown / Edit code for Debut
Open snippets / product-price.liquid
Select all and copy
Select "Add a new snippet" (just below the snippets folder icon)
Call it product-price-from.liquid
In the editing window, paste what you copied from product-price.liquid
For both instances of {{ money_price }} (on lines 37 and 51), add "From " in front of it, e.g:
From {{ money_price }}
Save the file

Now open snippets / product-card-grid.liquid
Change line 34 from:
{% include 'product-price', variant: product %}
{% include 'product-price-from', variant: product %}
Save the file and preview to make sure it worked.

Let me know how it goes and if anyone has better or different solutions.

Good luck and thanks! -Mike.


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Dear Mike, thank you very much for taking the time to write out these instructions. I am afraid I have gone over your instructions, and checked again in case I have made some error, but the 'from' again appears on ALL my products when I do this, similar to before.

Thank you for leting me know I am not alone with this issue, I was quite surprised at having this issue with this theme.


Best wishes, John

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I'm not sure it allows the link, but the post comes up when you search debut-theme-showing-from-xxx-prices-for-products-on-product-collection-pages-390780


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for this, has worked perfectly for me...


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Thanks a bunch Mike!

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