Adding to cart from bundle Page, quantity limited to 2?

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Hi, I have a package page that adds products and quantities to cart, via the form submit and <input type="hidden" name="id[]" value="123456"> where value is the

My main issue being, adding to cart does not trigger errors.
and if for example, a package contains 2 quantity of any product, it adds fine to cart the first time.
if the package is added a 2nd time, or any other package causing the total quantity to exceed 3 in cart, it will increase to 3.

eg. a package with 2 sets of chicken wings, if added to cart a 2nd time, will increase the wings count to 3, instead of 4.

I have switched through various themes and scripts, but i am not able to have a solution to bypass the limit of 3

Would really appreciate any kind soul who could offer advice on this issue.