Discount message showing in Script Editor tester, but not in checkout

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Hi. When testing a Script Editor script, the discount message set in a given line item shows in green in the Order preview section, but after publishing the script and doing a real checkout, the message doesn't show up (even though the discount does show up).

I can see there is a similar question, but instead of wanting the discount message to show on the cart, I'm trying to have it show on the checkout screen. Is this possible?

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Shopify Staff
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Hey Gerardo,

Yes, to display your discount messages in the cart you need to edit your cart.liquid template like answered in your linked question.

For checkout, the discount messages are not shown and it is not possible to modify your template (this is true for all discounts including Script). I invite you to discuss this here:


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It is November, and once again, with a new implementation, this has hit. Why can we not have the messages assigned to rejected discount codes, AND the message assigned to line item price changes displayed in Checkout???

Is there at least some explanation that we can have other than "go have a discussion amongst yourselves"?

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has this issue been fixed?  I am having same problem, but there is no documentation that I can find that show what and were to add in cart.liquid

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need to edit your cart.liquid template like answered in your linked question

The link in the linked question is broken. Can you please provide a working link?