Display price only?

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I'm trying to convert our web shop apinor.no to use shopify, but I got some issues.

I have a third party site (apinor.no/produkter) that I need to display a list of products (like now, but with produc snippets from shopify), and I want to be able to click the image of every product to go into a dedicated page (also a third party site). 

I want it to look like the added image, a image of the product, the price and a buy button:


The issue is that I want to be able to click the image and go to the product page.

I figured these are my options:

I find a way to display the price only. That way I can add a image myself, and a regular buy button. But I need the price to be the same as the one on my shopify account without manually having to edit it on the website. Is there any way?

Or I can find a way to make the image clickable, and make it send me to my third party page.

Or maybe there is another way?


Sorry if this is the wrong category.