Google Analytics on 2 domain shopify store (2 UA codes)

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Hi all,

So I have two domains for my store, .com (english) and .de (german) for my two main customer audiences. I want to run some marketing campaigns soon but I need my ecommerce tracking functioning perfectly. 

My issue right now is I have two UA codes in google analytics, one for each domain (property). But shopify i only have 1 UA code integrated (the standard shopify setup). In order to have multiple UA codes I was told by support i'd need to do a bit of coding. I have some basic knowledge and could maybe try it myself, but I wanted to check with the community first if you or someone you know has done this before. So far i didnt find any specific guides for shopify. Maybe there is even a code snippet somewhere that would work in the shopify integration. But one thing i'm worried about is if I just dynamically change the UA code based on browser URL, would that be enough? My guess is shopify has pixels and event tracking in place for events like add to cart, pageview, checkout, checkout complete etc. Would I not need to modify that code as well?