How to Change price based on quantity selection

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I want the store to automatically update, on the product page, when the quantity is adjusted by the customer. How do i do this?

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If you want it to display on the product page, you'll need to code the pricing rules into your site theme & also either use a Shopify Automatic Discount or program a script in your shopping cart to apply the same rules.


You could also find an app.  e.g. Quantity Price Breaks sounds like it might do what you want?


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Hi Shaw7

For example, do you mean you might sell a product for $10 but if the customer wants to order more than 5 of these the cost should be reduced to $9?

I feel like this should be a basic feature in Shopify but the only thing I can see is people adding their own code, adding apps, or using wholesale prices lists which require Shopify Plus:

Anyone have thoughts on this?