How to creat a calendar wishlist?

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I'm in the phase of desiging a subscription based service with an online store on Shopify. While customers can make one time purcahse, the main niche of the store is subscription based.

I'm trying to add a monthly calendar (or queue or wishlist, wharever you wanna call it) when customers log in to their account. I want customers to add products from a big list of products I offer to their monthly calendar. So they can add a product to the calendar as they scroll down the procutds page. Then they can re-arrange the calendar based on their wish like if they want "Product A" in January box and "Product B" in July box and so on!!

Then, if there is a way for this to be transformed to my orders list so I know what product they want in their January box for example?

This method is impleneted in couple websites but I tried to find a Shopify app to do this but no luck! Do I need to hire a web developer to do this for me ?

Thank you very much