How to override the price

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i want to override the price. How and where can i do this?

I have an other price-formula for some products: (variant1 * variant2 * variant3) * variant4 + variant5 = Product Price
An this result have to be the correct price for this Product.

I hope, anyone can help me ;-)

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Whatever the price is for the variant is what the price will be at checkout. The only way to adjust the pricing would be via discount codes (all plans) or with Shopify Scripts (Plus plans only).

Since you've posted in this section of the forums, are you looking for advice on the a script for Shopify Script Editor (being the plus feature)?

I've seen some people use the Draft Order API as well but that's not really a viable option at scale.

If you find that those options don't fit for your needs you may need to adjust your strategy so that you create a bundle as a single SKU with the custom pricing set on that. When that product is sold, then update the inventory of the connected items. There's existing apps that could help with the inventory sync, or you could look to build something to do it via the API.

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Hey I also have a similar question on how to automatize a product's price change using Shopify Scripts. None of the example scripts do what I want. I would like to override the price of a specific product and its variants. I now that by using the method .change_line_price I should be able to change the price but is not clear how should I do it.