Is this shipping script possible to make?

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Hi, I am currently trying to develop a script that can do these functions.


For customers tagged with "VIP"

  • Free domestic Priority shipping
  • $10 off international shipping

For customers tagged with "Elite"

  • 50% off domestic Priority shipping

I realize that only one script can be active at all times, so is it possible to make a script that contains all of these into one? 

I have a script that can give a customer a certain discount on one specific shipping, but not all of the above.

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Hi Ji,


You can indeed! A customer object is available via scripts if there is a customer available to retrieve and this object has a list of tags associated with that customer. You could use that, combined with the list of shipping rates available, to apply a discount to any existing rate based on a customer tag.


There is more info on what you can get from within scripts at


If you need a hand feel free to shoot me an email.




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