Line Item Prices with coupons for order export file? (I have shopify+ Will Script Editor?)

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Hey all,
I was hoping someone might have some advice for me?

I currently export all of my orders from Shopify into my Order Management Software.

Currently the Line item price exports the full price before Coupons are added.

My coupons are usually specific to products or groups of products only.

I am required to use Coupon Codes instead of markdowns due to MAP Policies.

I need to be able to export My line item prices after the discount was applied.  Currently I can divide the discount among all the products, but that's obviously not correct when one item was discounted and one was not.

I realize this is not a native functionality of Shopify, but Surely people have found work arounds?  I've just started playing with the script editor, and it looks like it can do exactly this to display to the customer, but can it also create a line item price that can be exported?

Want to make sure the Script Editor will do what I need?  Anyone managed to pull this off?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Caseyw,

It is not possible to affect Orders export with Script. The limitation is in Discounts and Shopify.

I invite you to ask your question here: