Move margins and adjust photos and adjust Hero Banner BROOKLYN THEME

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Hello all!  I'm having a lot of trouble with website vs mobile picture appearance in the Hero Banner Slideshow of the Brooklyn Theme.  I was wondering if anyone else had issues with the image placed becoming way enlarged and cut off on the website and then being normal size on the phone... I've tried cropping images but it's just not working too well.... any advice?


Also I'm trying to edit the margins on my Header and want each of the items further off to their respective sides... such as the logo being further left than it is now.  Any ideas on how to do this? I want to remove all the space labeled in orange on the image below and place each item further onto their sides (and be able to edit this whenever necessary)Thanks!

Also is there any way to change the position of the Hero Banner logo PER SLIDE?

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Could you send link website. I will check