Possible Bug with Price Rules/Discount Codes and Script Editor

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For these discounts: https://ep.d.pr/fm5DMs

  • Welcome15 is a price rule generated by klaviyo with 2 discount codes created via the Bulk Discounts API . 
  • LJARTBJ9 was also generated by klaviyo, but only has one code created. 
  • 8OrbB was created manually.

In the Script Editor app, when you search for a Discount Code, only the manually created code appears as expected: https://ep.d.pr/ORL9Nm. The codes added via the Bulk Discounts API are hidden behind the parent price rule. In other words, Script Editor appears to only looks at price_rules.json rather than also looking at price_rules/#{id}/discount_codes.json.

Is this a known issue?