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THEME : Brooklyn


I have a problem here, i want to redirect a couple of products on my collection list, and i want these products to be linked and when you press on these products you should be taken to another page ( t-shirt shop) so basically, if you press the product / product picture it should redirect you to another page. Here on this screenshot you'll see on of the products i want to be linked,

I have received an answer from someone before saying that i should use the extension ShopifyFD to link the products, and use this code, but i dont understand... :(


"""""""Yes, you can use metafields to determine whether to redirect to an external link or not.

Basically, you need a condition like 

{% if product.metafields.redirect.link_to %}
 //Do the redirect
 // link to product page as usual
{% endif %}

please note that redirect is the Namespace and link_to  is the key I gave as an example ""


I really appreciate the help!
I really appreciate the help!
I really appreciate the help!


I did not quite understand why and where you need to redirect a product. I will appreciate any further details and any examples from you.


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Hi MK,

Did you work this one out? ShopifyFD is a Chrome extension that can be used to easily access functionality that might be a little harder to get to otherwise. You'll need to make sure that you activate it when you log in to your store, then you'll be able to access product metafields from your product pages allowing you to enter the desired redirect. You'll then need to change the code in your theme file with the code linked in your initial post. Feel free to contact me directly if you need help with this.



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