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Hi there,

we were wondering if it is possible to search / filter orders chronologically by the date of payment.

With the default search filters you can search orders by "payment status = paid" or by "date created", but it seems impossible to get them sorted by the actual date when a payment has been captured.

When exporting orders as a .csv file the fourth column shows "Paid at" and returns an exact time stamp, so this information does seem to exist. We would like to filter orders by this date, then use bulk actions and print them with the Order Printer app.

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Christian,

I am afraid that is not possible because those transaction dates are not part of the order object. The search terms and filters only work on that object itself.

The exported order data does include data that has been joined, say from the transactions table, but that is most likely a well optimized query which is also why you cannot search or filter it (such joins can become quite expensive).

So short answer, to the best of my knowledge, is unfortunately no.

By the way, love the artwork on sale - especially the sunday sketches!

Best wishes!

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