Shopify theme overiding checkout script

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I have an issue whereby a checkout script we've used historically is being over-ridden by any Shopify theme.

This has only occured recently and I'm wondering if something has changed on Shopifys side that has now rendered the script obsolete.

We have two script variants, one for the responsive carts and one for legacy carts - neither are working even though they had done previously.

{script removed - I cam DM this to a Shopify dev where required}

In the above, after checkout a user should see a page with the message "Please wait while we forward you to your learning dashboard." however, they're not and instead are being shown the default Shopify messages found under Languages > Checkout & System > Checkout processing wait

As mentioned above, these scripts have previously worked without issue some I'm wondering why Shopify are over-riding them now and what can be done to change this.

All help appreciated.

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Shopify recently updated a lot of their formatting of the checkout page and threw off a lot of custom work that I've seen. If you want to send over the script I can take a look. I'm generally interested in why this would stop working and how it was working in the first place.