Success!! Removed quantity box from product but small issue (CODING)

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Can someone take a look at this code:

                {% unless item.product.tags contains 'mystery' %}
                <div class="cart__qty">
                  <label for="updates_large_{{ item.key }}" class="cart__qty-label">{{ 'cart.label.quantity' | t }}</label>                  
                  <input class="cart__qty-input" type="number" name="updates[]" id="updates_large_{{ item.key }}" value="{{ item.quantity }}" min="0" pattern="[0-9]*" data-quantity-item="{{ forloop.index }}">
                {% endunless %}
.mystery{display: none;}

This works wonders when removing the quantity box from the specified items but once I add them to cart, I'm unable to adjust the quantity with other items in cart. I'm able to increase the quantity but once it updates, it reverts back to 1.

Any suggestions?