VUE.js working with NODE.js & Express API??

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I am new to app development. I've been working with code for the last 15 years (html, php, etc)...

I am trying to create a basic app for reading and working with Shopify's API. I would like to create my own simple web forms for deleting products quickly and other simple tasks.

I discovered VUE.js and love it. I am able to take other non-protected APIs and display properties within the APP, but I can't figure out how to have an app written in VUS.js pull in my Shopify API data.

This morning I worked on a Shopify tutorial "Building a Shopify application with Node.js and Express" and got it running fine pulling up some of my dev store's API data. But I don't know NODE and not even sure if it's meant to be used as a frontend app- having the ability to create a web form to interact with Shopify's API. I really like the ease of VUE but not sure how to pull in Shopify's API so I can display properties and change data using the API.

MY QUESTION --> Can I have the frontend VUS.js app pull in the API and work with the data that the NODE app is able to pull (do I even need to run a NODE/express app and could everything be done with just JUE.js)? I am running both apps locally on different localhosts and there seems to be some issue with pulling in API data since they are running on different servers.

As I start down this path, does any recommend a learning path? Keep going with VUE.js? A combo of NODE & Express as the backend with VUE.js running the frontend with the two apps communicating between themselves?

Thanks for any direction.

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You should check this out:

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Thanks, Ricky. I see you can display Shopify data but can you actually edit that data like say delete a product? Will dig into it. I also found this which I am going to try. Not VUE but sounds like REACT might be a more rebust language to work with. Harder to learn but maybe better in the long run.

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Hey John,

I'm just completing writing my first app with node and Vue - hoping to submit for app review this week so fingers crossed all goes ok. I'm relatively new to both (< 2 years) but really love working with both technologies. I am thinking of swapping vue for react in future as polaris integrates with react. GraphQL is also on my roadmap :)

Take a look at this for starters

If you've never used node before then it would be a good idea to go through a couple of standard node tutorials working with REST APIs. You might also want to consider webpack to build your client files.

Regarding VUE - I simply created my app file in the public folder and referenced it & a cdn to vue.js files in the public\index.html

For pulling in the data I create a verification function in the main page, and if I verify that the request is from shopify I pass a json web token to the client which it then uses to talk back to my server making api calls to get and set data. Hope this helps