script does not seem to fire after changes to cart

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Any update on this issue?


This is actually a huge problem which pretty much renders any shipping scripts that modify shipping rates useless as they can be bypassed by changing the content of the cart after reaching the payment page.


I have a shipping script that offers free shipping based on the value of the cart. This is done by modifying the price of the existing shipping rate to £0 if the threshold is reached. It fires when someone reaches the shipping page but if they go back and edit the cart to a lower value - once they continue the checkout they bypass the shipping page and go straight to payment with the free shipping still being applied even though they no longer qualify based on the value of the cart.


I realise that if you use the zones in shop settings to add a free shipping rate based on value - this issue does not occur. Example: add a free shipping rate with a condition of reaching a certain cart value. When you reach that cart value and go through the checkout and reach the payment stage then go back and modify the cart to be below the value - once you go to the checkout again you are forced to go back to the shipping stage as the shipping rate is no longer available.


From this it seems like Shopify have the capability to solve this issues with the shipping scripts.


Is there a way to use scripts to add a shipping rate? I know you can delete by using the .delete_if method but could not find one to add a shipping rate as this would solve my problem.


Hi again -


Shopify support has reported to me that this problem is now fixed. We have avoided using shipping scripts, and I do not have anything in place to easily test this. If anyone wants to try again and report that it has been fixed in your application - let us know! Otherwise, it might be a few weeks before I can get to the task of trying this out again.

Here is what they reported:

> David here from the Shopify Plus Support Front End Developer team.

> I'm just following up on the issue you brought to my attention earlier this year.

> Our developers have just pushed a fix for this so the problem you were getting with the

> discount codes on checkout is now resolved.

> Thank you for bringing this to our attention!




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This is an accepted solution.

Just tested and indeed it finally looks fixed!
Looks like they do a check whether the previous shipping rate is still available or not when you go back to the payment page and if not, takes you back to shipping page to pick a new one.