Expand globally with international domains

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I see now.
Thanks for that.

Then I guess I go for subdirectory method? I've read that somewhere on this thread as well.

Sorry mate, really confused here. Given the plan (basic) that we have and we really don't want to jump into an upgraded plan during this infant stage of our site.

We are so looking forward for workarounds on this. Cheaper yet effective. We'll surely dive into Shopify international domain once the budget is ready.

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Thanks @cool_kid1.

You cannot yet setup subdirectories to target different countries/region, but this is something we are looking into for the international domains feature.

If your site is in the early stages of growing, you can certainly add multiple domains into Shopify for now while growing your domestic presence, until such time where you are ready to make the jump into international domains later on. If you have the domains added, they will be ready to go if and when you make that jump later. If you don't, then you're unaffected.

In the meantime if your shop is using Shopify Payments, you can offer shopping in multiple currencies on the same domain for your international buyers, and then use our free Geolocation app to guide shoppers to the currency that matches their location on the storefront.

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