Feature Request: Integration of Taxamo assure into the checkout for UK companies selling to EU

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Echoing the urgent requests by others to have this feature implemented asap !

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And woocommerce are integrating Taxamo


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Shopify are lagging far behind other platforms on this. Either they implement Taxamo or they handle the IOSS themselves like eBay are doing.

Shopify you're built on small businesses, we need help with this!

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Adding my voice as well. This is a major issue for small shops selling to the EU. Please support us with a Shopify-led service, or with a Taxamo integration.

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I would almost certainly use the taxamo service if it was integrated with shopify

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Thank you for this request. Also here to echo the urgency of this and share the frustrations of so many other small businesses who feel totally unsupported. 

Our web developer has taken a look at Taxamo and has confirmed if Shopify  allowed us access to the checkout the API integration would be straightforward!

Have just contacted Deloitte and asked for further clarification, has anyone else explored this route? 
Will post any potential updates. 

Shopify are set to announce new features on the 29th but no clarification as to what this includes, could this be the news we all need?

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It appears that more companies are appearing online seeming to offer the intermediary service that is required for small businesses to apply for IOSS. My understanding is that if we have an IOSS number Shopify is set up to calculate the VAT at checkout. 

Most are prohibitively expensive but I did find one yesterday called CrossborderIT. They seem to be offering €19.99/month subscription and €1 per transaction. PLEASE NOTE - I have not been able to find any information about customer experience etc and am definitely not vouching for them just letting you know there are services out there at more affordable prices which don't require integration with Shopify.


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Desperately echoing the thoughts of all other posters - the Taxamo integration would be a huge boon and reduce what is currently a massive headache for any Shopify sellers who export from the UK to the EU. We need this soon! 

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Thanks for this!

I have contacted crossborderit and asked them if their solution will work with non-Shopify Plus stores.

I wonder if Shopify has its own IOSS plans? 

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I just got off the phone with crossborderit and it sounds like a good option:

19.99€ per month + 1€ per order, they handle registration and tax reports. At the moment, the one drawback is that you need to send daily reports to them on your EU sales (if you had any that day). So basically right now they are not integrated with shopify nor do they need to be, however, they do have a Shopify app in BETA which they said will be ready in a few months, which will streamline everything and remove the need for manual daily reporting. For those of us who don't sell a huge amount to the EU this sounds like a great option - I'm going to give it a go. And Shopify as someone else mentioned, it's not only the UK being affected by this - it's anyone outside of the EU.