HS Codes. Why only 6 digits??? Help Needed.

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HS Codes. Why only 6 digits???

We now require 8 to ship from the UK to Europe.
10 digits to ship to other destinations worldwide.
We fix this by manually changing the codes of each product in each parcel when we enter details with the courier.

Shopify limits you to 6 digits in the HS Code field.

Why? (As its such a simple thing, any coder in the background could fix this is seconds). What is the logic behind limiting it to SIX. Rather than conforming to applied international standards.

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Hi, 6 digits is required for export. 8,10 or even 12 are used for import. UK/EU requires 10.

The first 6 digits is managed by the WCO the remaining digits are specific to the import country.

To find the HS Code you need, try www.tarifftel.com

It provides hs codes for import and export and is easy to use by a non customs person. It's free for the first 10 or so codes but you do need to create an account.

If you are importing the goods it's your responsibility to get the hs/commodity code correct.  Import duty is dependant on the hs code and the items Origin (according to the "rules of origin"). Basically where the item was made not where it was shipped from.

Hope this helps.