How to block sales of certain products outside the US

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We are about to start allowing sales to overseas customers and are looking for an approach (an app or other workaround) that will help with a shipping issue related to international sales.  We are a retail shop located in the United States, and some of our suppliers have recently told us that we are not allowed to ship their products (or some of their products) to addresses outside of the US (due to licensing or distributorship agreements they have). So we need a way to identify certain products and then prevent their sale to shipping addresses outside of the US.

We have received recommendations for several apps, but upon exploring them, it seems like there is an issue with each one that would make it not ideal for what we need.  Before we consider hiring someone to modify our theme, we wondered if you know of any other apps or other solutions to consider.

This is what we want to do:

Identify certain products in our store (either by putting them in a collection, or identifying them by their title, etc.) that would not be eligible for shipping outside the US.  The customer would still be able to see these products on our site (and maybe even put them in their cart), but in checkout when they enter a shipping address outside the US, they would be prevented from completing checkout until those items were removed from their cart. 

The apps we have been told about so far are:  (the problem we see here is that we think it blocks the products from being seen on our site depending on the location of the customer’s  IP address.  We would want all our products to be visible to everyone, and we’d only want a customer to be blocked during checkout if their shipping address was outside the US.  If, for example, someone in Australia was placing an order to ship a gift to someone in the US, that should be allowed.)  (the problem we see here is that we think it can’t display the discounted rates we would get through Shopify shipping to our customers.  We would still pay the discounted rates when we buy shipping labels, but our customers would be charged rates that we would get from DHL, for example, which would be higher than the rates we'd get through Shopify.)

Any thoughts are appreciated!