How to change the store currency?

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Hi, I'm selling worldwide and I would like to know the way to change the currency of my store to the local currency of the visitors. Thank you


Hi @markk298 ! 

Since you want to change the currency of your store, Transcy app can support you on this. We're third-party app providing users with solution on language translation and currency converter for international selling purposes. 

Featured with currency converter, Transcy can set up to convert up to 167 currency units for your store. Furthermore, Transcy can even auto detect the location of your store visitors to display the friendly currency switcher. And you can freely customize the position of the switcher on your page using switcher customization

Transcy is now available in Shopify App Store with FREE Plan. Therefore, you can install our app for free to set up your store up to 167 currency units, no charge approved. 

For more information, visit Transcy in Shopify App Store HERE  

And please feel free to contact our team directly if you have any questions via email and live chat: 

- Email: 

- Live chat: Chat with Transcy team 

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Transcy Team 

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