How to make store Bilingual without uploading translations in each language?

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Hi Everyone,

I am building a store and want to add the functionality of multiple languages e.g Spanish, Italian, French, German.

How can I achieve this without uploading the translation of content in each language? Is there any app available for this?



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Hi Ansar,

We have a great solution for you - our translating app Langshop. If you have a Basic Shopify plan, you can add up to 5 target languages and one default language remained. Up to 20 target languages if you have a Plus Shopify plan. Besides multilingual options, we also provide multicurrency possibilities, automatic language and currency detecting by customers' country or browser language, and many more.

You can try it for free within 14 trial days in your live store or use it for free as long as you need during developed your store in a developing mode. To install the app, please go here:

Best wishes to you and your business

Alexey | Langshop team

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Hi there,

Adding translation content to your multilingual store helps a lot with SEO and Customer experience. But in Shopify plus you can add 20 languages at most, or add at most 5 languages with lower plans. Editing translation is not so difficult now. Some translate app offer automatic translate support. You can try Etranslate app, which can help adding translation easily. 

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However, if you would like a quick solution, you can try Gtranslate app. The app will translate your store automatically, like Google translate extension. 

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Hope that helps.

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Trust me, if you want to do this right on Shopify: use 5x Shopify set each up as a local one( 1x German, 1x English, 1x Spanish, etc.)

Apps, I would not suggest, because you need to check with a lawyer if certain wording is right, in regards to the law. (German very strict, I tried some apps all wrong, Production description wrong)

If you need to rank, for example in German organically, you need to make a German store because Shopify translates it, it's not a german store... it's an English - translated store. (Google ranking sucks).


If you have the capital I would either do 5 stores in the domestic language or switch platforms.