Language switcher to support selling internationally

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Hi, I'm looking to start selling into Europe and I'm looking for the tools which can support me in lingual issues. For example, if my customers come from France, I need a tool which can auto switch my store language into French for any French visitors. Where can I find tools like this? Thanks

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As you're finding tools to support with lingual issues, Transcy is definitely the best choice. This third party app is featured with language translation and currency converter that you can use for global selling purposes.

Particularly, Transcy can auto detect the location of your store's visitors to display the friendly language and currency switcher to enhance the shopping experience. You can set up your store more than 100 languages and 167 currency units using Transcy. Moreover, Transcy can even translate the media content including banner, product images, image with text sections, etc. Then, you can manage all the translated content and edit manually in your way. 

Transcy is available with FREE plan, so you can take a try without being charged. Hope it can be helpful for you business. 


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