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Advanced level question here

I have one product with 9 variants and two warehouses (UK and NL).

Both UK and NL are setup as two separate locations.

Both locations are setup with shipping rates under a custom profile (UK to UK, NL to all of Europe).

However, not all variants are in stock in the NL location. Any ideas how I can set to out of stock when a customer from a non-UK location is visiting the store?

e.g. on my site UK customers can order all variants from the UK warehouse locations

When an Italian customer visits, they are automatically redicated to (via IP) with language changed. But some of the variants are not available to customers in Italy as they are fulfilled from the NL warehouse location. I don't want to show those products to those customers.

It's a single store with multi-language using weblot.

Any help much appreciated!



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Hey @misfitmasks, this is something we are working on at the moment.

We do not have a timeline to share right now, but ensuring that your storefront correctly displays to visitors from different locations what is/isn't available to them is a priority for us this year.

Cole Atkinson | Product @ Shopify