Selling globally and setting single payout currency. Set country specific products and prices.

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I'm in the process of setting up payment gateways for my store. Here's the plan I have in mind. Can you please provide suggestions for the same


We plan to sell our product in multiple countries (USA, India, Canada and more). For now starting with USA and India. Since we're selling CBD products we will be using external payment gateways that support this as Shopify does not. (is shopify gonna support this anytime soon?)



  1. PAYOUT CURRENCY MUST BE INR only (Indian rupee) for products bought anywhere in the world. (USA, CA or India etc)
  2. Need to show payment gateway GATEWAY1 (Stripe) specific to USA and GATEWAY2 (like Paytm) specific to India.
  3. When a user purchases a product outside India (which is the payout currency country) they shouldn't be charged FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE.
  4. Can we set the conversion rate or does shopify set it or will the payment gateway processor would do it?
  5. Can we set country specific pricing for products?
  6. Can we set country specifc products?



  1. I believe this isn't possible in 'Basic Shopify' and will need to upgrade to the $79 'Shopify' plan.
  2. Setting the payout currency to India.
  3. Will use subdomains for each country with currency set to local. (Ex USD for USA, INR for India) etc. Again, not sure if  foreign transaction fee will apply and all transaction across the globe would payout in INR