Setting up subfolders to target different countries - possible with one Shopify account?

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For SEO purposes, we would like to target separate countries using subfolders.

To start with, we would target the US with the main domain, and then the uk with

Going forward, we would also like to target Norway, with

The uk folder would have a duplicate of the website, but with slightly different wording and £s instead of $s

The Norwegian folder would be a duplicate of the website, but in Norwegian, and with Euros.

Is this possible on Shopify? Is it possible with one single account or would we have to have an account for each country? (I can see the headaches already with multiple accounts!)

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Sylvia, you can target countries like this today with subdomains using our international domains product.

While I don't have any timelines to share, we are working on adding the capability to target different countries or regions, similar to you have outlined, using subfolders.

Cole Atkinson | Product @ Shopify