2 GraphQL Billing API questions - confirmationUrl expiration and APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE webhooks

  1. Does the `confirmationUrl` returned by an `appSubscriptionCreate` mutation expire before the 2 day expiration period of the `AppSubscription` instance? I'm creating an `AppSubscription` instance on installation and if the merchant were to close their browser after the install but prior to accepting the charge, I'd want to continue the process where they left off using the confirmationUrl, assuming the charge wasn't expired.

  2. If I'm subscribed to the `APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE` webhook and the merchant accepts the charge, does this mean that I'll receive multiple updates in quick succession from ACCEPTED to ACTIVE? Or should I only expect to receive a single webhook for ACTIVE?

    The AppSubscriptionStatus documentation isn't so clear:

The app subscription has been approved by the merchant and is ready to be activated by the app. App subscriptions created through the GraphQL Admin API are activated upon approval.

Thank you!


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