304 redirect to /auth following Shopify request to "redirect_url" specified in billing parameters

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:)  1.  When a user accepts my billing terms, I send out a request to "/admin/recurring_application_charges.json"

:)  2.  My app sends a redirect to confirmation_url extracted from the response body.

:)  3.  The user is presented with my billing terms and clicks Accept

:(  4.  Shopify does its thing, and eventually sends a request to my App using my specified return_url, but the request status is redirected to /auth.


Im using verifyRequest from koa-shopify-auth, and kao-sessions for my sessions middleware.  I've got session configured to use a redisStore.


While monitoring my redis server during APP installation, I see the session id, shop, and accessToken being setex

However when the request is made to return_url, there's a different session id sent.  I see redis try to access a non existent session id.  Shop then is undefined and verifyRequest middleware fails.  I suspect his is what's causing the redirect to /auth.


Is this correct behavior to send a different session id in the return_url request than what was registered during app installation?  

If so, how should i verify requests coming in on return_url?



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Meant to say 302 redirect instead of 304 redirect in Subject

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Here is my solution:


Initial Steps

1.  make the fetch with required billing options in the request body:




2.  Save the shop and charge_id from the response to my backend database.

3.  redirect to the confirmation_url extracted from the response.


Work Around

When the shop owner is presented with the confirmation page and accepts, Shopify redirects to the return_url established earlier, BUT without any credentials (as you mentioned above).  This fails verifyRequest middleware and redirects the shop owner to my authentication endpoint. 

4.  To avoid this I appended the shop and hmac to the return_url in my recurring_appplication_charge json body defined earlier, and I removed verification of the router intercepting requests to return_url in my app.  My return url looked something like this:




5.  Redirects to return_url can now get intercepted by the corresponding router.  I use the charge_id appended to the query string by Shopify and the shop to identify and update billing state on my backend.  I have not yet tried this, but I suppose you can manually verify the request with the using the hmac in the verification string.

7.  Once billing state on my backend is taken care of, I use the shop parameter in the query string and the SHOPIFY_API_KEY to redirect the user to my embedded app page.




Any feedback on this approach would be appreciated. 


Lingering Q's

  • Why would i be getting a different session ID on the return_url redirect?
  • Also, according to the documentation, every request and redirect made by Shopify should include hmac in the query string. Any reason why its not being included with the return_url redirect?