403 Forbidden Access Error in accessing ShopifyAPI

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Hi Team

We have developed a Shopify App and it was already in LIVE. We are getting 

ActiveResource::ForbiddenAccess (Failed.  Response code = 403.  Response message = Forbidden.

while loading the app from App listing page in Admin. 

Very Rarely it throws the error, whenever we are trying to load the app index page. Our App index method calls the ShopifyAPI::Shop  api while executing this api the APP throws the error and exits the execution. 

Am not sure why this API throws an error. Sometimes the app loads this API without any interruption but at times it throws 403 error in a rare scenario. 

Anyone from Shopify Team please guide me in solving this. The APP is in LIVE and the client is asking for an immediate fix, which we failed to reproduce. 

Please Help us sort out. TIA.

Regards Sowmiya
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Hey Sowmiya,

Take a look at this thread:

Don't know what's the root cause of this, but it seems that adding a User-Agent should help.


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Hi Andrei

Thank you so much for your response. 

I just gone through the referral link you shared and is all of about cdn, right? 

Am not sure whether my issue is because of CDN(which i need to analyse), but it occurs while trying to access ShopifyAPI::Shop. 

One more help i would like to ask you is about user-agent. Can u please explain me about user-agent, where i can use or any sample request.


Regards Sowmiya