404 for orders that exist

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For some orders I get a 404 even though the order exists, i.e. https://<someshop>.myshopify.com/admin/orders/<someOrderId>.json returns 404, even though I can see the order at https://<someshop>.myshopify.com/admin/orders/<someOrderId>

I get the 404 consistently when trying to get specific orders via my app, or via postman. Note that it does work via my app and postman for most orders. For some reason I tried entering https://<someshop>.myshopify.com/admin/orders/<someOrderId>.json in my browser, which returned the order - but when I try again from postman I still get a 404.

So my questions are 1) why does some orders fail consistently? and 2) why does it work in the browser for some orders, but not in my app or postman for these orders? I guess I should take a closer look at the headers in the browser, or what could the difference be? 



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Shopify Staff
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Are the orders older than 60 days? If so, you will need the request access to the read_all_orders scope from your partner dashboard (if you're an oauthed app). Then, you can include the scope in your oauth/authorize request to get a new access token with the scope attached.