502 on app installation page from partner dashboard

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I followed your tutorial https://shopify.dev/tutorials/build-a-shopify-app-with-node-and-express

I created a test shop with a few orders made from the bogus gateway.

Made my first request to the orders API, got a response, and began writing my function to tidy the data up and send to my company server. All seemed to be going well.


I came back the next day and when loading the app on the local host with ngrok I get a 502 bad gateway.


I have tried to solve the problem by 

  • Checking, again and again, all keys are correct in the code and on Shopify.
  • Having a senior Dev look at my code.
  • Creating a new app and test shop on Shopify.

Now from the parter dashboard I cannot install my new app onto either of the test shops and I get the same 502.


The only things I have changed from the working version is the ngrok forwarding and keys.


Any help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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Hey @Rolyani,


This is usually a sign of a connection issue between you/Shopify/your app.


- Double check ngrok still running
- Double check your server is still running
- The ngrok URL can change if the connection dies, make sure the correct URL is listed in your app settings (app URL & whitelists)
- Are you able to access the ngrok URL in your browser?