A couple of questions about submitting a new app for QA review

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1. The App review instructions contain this text: "Provide our App QA specialist team with instructions, credentials..."


My instinct was to have the QA review start with app installation so the credentials would be provided in the installation process. However, the above quote mentions credentials so it's also possible that I should provide access to a test store with the app already installed.


Which should I do, have the QA review start with app installation or provide access to a test store with the app already installed?


2. After I submit the app for review, is there a window where I can still add features or should I freeze development?

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1. The Q&A Specialist will install it on their own development store, no need to link to a demo store, they want to do every step a future customer will do, to ensure it will run as smooth as possible for merchants.

2. I have continued development on my app while it was awaiting review, but this is really not recommended, if you break something and miss it your app will get rejected. I went as far as completely changing  the functionality because I had a better idea along the way, but it didn't reflect my initial app description so it got rejected anyway. So my advice, make sure your app is ready for review, don't continue development. if you get rejected twice you will have to wait another month (I believe) before you can re apply for app review.


- Some more tips:

Some reviewers like to try and break functionality (which I think is a good thing :) ) so if your input field says put in a number here or max 10 chars, try and enter long strings, and see if any errors come up.


- Make sure the installation is as easy as possible for future customers (don't have a multi step manual installation process unless it's impossible to skip)

- Try and install it from scratch on a new development store, see if you catch any errors during the install process.

- Add a detailed description in the app store listing (with headings and lists, they don't like plain text short app descriptions)