API Access to (Custom) Reports?

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It's easier for us to get datasets from Shopify through creating and exporting Custom Reports than through pulling the individual data items through the API.

So what we do right now is Export several Custom Reports every day as CSV files we load into our accounting/ finance systems.

Is there a way to use the API to do the equivalent of Exporting a Custom Report?


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Hi Larry,

Shopify currently does not have any such API. It's something we've explored, but there are no concrete plans to build this at the moment. If/when a custom reports API does come into fruition you can hear about it first in our API Announcements board.


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Hi Busfox,

I did an Ajax request inside my Shopify App using this "/admin/products.json?title=<searchString>,limit=250,page=1,fields="id,title,etc" to search product by title ... but i get nailed by CORS.

Is there any way to use Ajax API call inside Shopify App or any alternative solution to Filter/Search data from API ?

Thank you,

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Hi Andrew - This was about 8 months ago. Has there been any progress on this?

I was expecting reports endpoint to also allow access to raw report data rather than just metadata about the reports. Am I missing something there?

I also see a few apps on Shopify's app store claiming to do something similar. Is that some other API that they have access to? How else are they able to do this?

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Hi Vikram,

Shopify API allows individual fields and its data to be retrieved. For example, we use the below endpoint to retrieve the Orders data. 

GET /admin/orders.json 

At Data Export, we have used these endpoints to allow merchants to create any type of highly customized reports for hundreds of users. 

If you have any specific custom report need you can contact me at  john@dayspringlabs.com


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Hey John - It would make sense to use orders endpoint but for someone who does lots of transactions it's not a feasible solution because of following:

- 250 response batching and 40 request bucket size means that you will be waiting for some time before you can extract your data even for a day's worth

- After that, you have to manage attribution issues which arises because of payment processing delays, refunds etc.

I will connect to you over email as well but would prefer Shopify giving analytics data access from other than Embedded SDK.

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Nearly two years later and we still have the same dilemma. No good way to access this data.