API BUG - Put product image ID not found for store error

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When UPDATING an EXISTING PRODUCT using PUT request and replacing with new photos, api call returns cryptic message with form

{"errors":{"image":["ID 6124674351177 not found for store 6386909257"]}}


This causes the product update to fail. There is no issue with the product, or the photos. Seems to happen somewhat randomly (maybe 1/10000 products). My app updates thousands of products per hour. Seems to be related to some specific shops (happens on those shops more frequently than others.) This is an old bug that has been reported several times, with no fix. Happening with greater frequency. Please fix. 


Here are some recent shops - product IDs - and error messages to help investigate:


ctna-fashions.myshopify.com - 2003925958729 - ID 6124674351177 not found for store 6386909257

funky-town-clothing.myshopify.com - 1930846896225 - ID 5541971689569 not found for store 1268875333

cz-sparkle-jewelry.myshopify.com - 1883389558880 - ID 5535509151840 not found for store 9310568



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Hey there,


If you upload the images/assets before updating the products you might be running into a race condition when the image is reporting as posted into Shopify but not yet processed and ready to be attached to a product. If you can share a highlevel overview of the flow your services is running it might help.

Sergiu Svinarciuc | CTO @ visely.io
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Is the error message that cryptic?

To me it reads that an image you're trying to do something with isn't available on that shop.
Did you confirm that the image did in fact exist, or is the error correct?

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Hey again Jason, 


You're still one of the only people to have run into this one since you first reported it, which I find pretty interesting. A  race condition was discovered that we believe can cause this though, and we're looking into a fix now. I'll try to track this post down again once the fix is out to let you know when you're in the clear!

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Hey Josh, good to hear from you again! 


Maybe I'm the only dev that's processing tens of thousands of products per day across thousands of shops & closely monitoring the error logs??


It's quite rare, like 1/10000 or maybe 1/100000. I'll try to get you some request-ids to look at next time I spot the errors. Seem to appear in batches with particular shops.


I also think that it occurs even when NOT adding/changing any photos. I believe I just had it happen when updating product description (body_html) only.  It does seems to only show up on PUT PRODUCT api call. 

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Hi Josh, this should be a request ID that generates one of these errors:




ID 7041646362704 not found for store 1334411344