API Integration Questions for Milestone Updates and Order

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Hi Shopify Team,


I would like to integrate my shopify store (YummiFood!)  with my third party TMS for milestones update and order through API integration

My team have communicated with Magenative as our mobile apps developer and they recommend us to contact Shopify instead.

For YummiFood, what we need to clarify as follows;

  1. https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/shipping-and-fulfillment/fulfillmentevent is this the correct location where our Third Party TMS should provide the milestones updates to?
  2. For Order API endpoints, can you share the API documentation which is currently under UAT for our further check? And how we could receive/get the orders via Shopify backend (Shopify transferring order data to our Third Party TMS) through API?
  3. Once integrated is completed, is there any additional process required to display the tracking updates on the mobile apps (Magenative)?


Awaiting for your kind feedback in return,

Thanks in advance!


-Elparida Marpaung-


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What TMS are you using for you store?