API + Python: Missing SKU on export

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I'm trying to export the data from Shopify using Python and API  so I can match it with the export from store's database. 

My problem is that I found at least 1 SKU that's not exported from Shopify.


Python code responsible for the export is:

limit = 250

products = shopify.Product.find(limit=limit, published_status = "published")


No matter what I choose for published_status or remove it completely, the SKU in question does not appear.

Of course, if I go into web page and search for that SKU, I can find it.


Any idea how to solve this?



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Hey @sorin147 ,


In order to help investigate and search through our platform logs to determine why this SKU is not being returned, do you think you could you provide the value of the X-Request-ID header from the response of the API call triggered by the "shopify.Products.find()" call?


As well, if could provide your Shopify store name as well as the problematic SKU # that is not being returned, that would also be helpful for the investigation. Feel free to DM this information if you feel more comfortable keeping it private. 


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I found another way to retrieve the products.

json_url = "https://%s:%s@%s.myshopify.com/admin/variants.json?fields=id,product_id,sku,inventory_quantity,price,inventory_item_id&limit=%s&page=" % (api_key, password, shop_name, limit)

where limit is set to 250 and page is incremented by 1. At first, the page_count calculated like

products_count = shopify.Product.count(published_status = "all")
pages = math.ceil(products_count / limit ) 

but that proved not right since some of the products fall to another page. I've given up on this method and added a fixed number of pages (100) but with the condition to break the loop once there are no results.


def getMapShopify(json_url, pageCount):
    map = []
    for i in range (1, pageCount+1):
        r = requests.get("{}{}".format(json_url, i))
        data = r.json()
        if len (data['variants']) == 0: # stop the loop if the result is empty
        for product in data['variants']:
    return map

This seems to be the best method I could came up with so far.