API Questions: Timezones and Custom Fields Apps

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Hi there,
I have a couple questions about the API and would love if someone can help me.
1) are the timezones that I see for each record when I pull data from the API "created_at" field in the same timezones that is set on my account? or are they in a particular timezone? when reading here: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/orders/order seems that they are but when I'm pulling the data they are not. I'm using Panoply.com to pull the data.
2) If I install an app like: https://apps.shopify.com/custom-fields-2 am I going to be able to pull those fields from the API or not ?

Let me know please. Thanks sooo much in advance.

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According to my experience the timezones in Shopify are some Canadian TZ. But, to my surprise, the returned datetime DOES NOT contain the properly formatted timezone information.

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I know this thread is old, but I will post to help anyone else that has these questions in the future. 

1) Shopify's API Data for all DateTimes is formatted in a universal Timezone called "Zulu". This is common for databases. You will have to place a timezone conversion function in your select statement for that field. Make sure to select it "AS est_created_at" or something so that you can refer to "est_created_at" for the rest of the query instead of having to convert it everytime. 

2) I wouldn't think so. I would think Shopify's API and data would be set in stone until future updates. If this app utilizes data variables that Shopify already stores and makes available with their APIs, then yes.