API at checkout stage

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Hi what's up?

i will say first I'm not a Dev but i will appreciate some answer to understand what to do next


So in general as you know there is some API limitation i even tried to check some other ways to overcome this -Im talking regard the API at the checkout stage - i want to know if somehow we can make 1 checkout page as well integrate a new payment provider if not inside the Shopify checkout page outside it, so it will be kind of redirected checkout


So i found some not listed payment provider who can help me with orders' processing etc, but the thing is he need to integrate via API and im not sure how to do it if its possible at all with API or with another method (I think they said they need API rest integration if possible)


Now i want to ask some  DEVS here in Shopify if there are ways to overcome that for the 1 checkout page as well for the API payment provider .... 


So there are some ways to overcome this with some DEVS help maybe ? 


Thanks !