API get Orders, Billing_Address does not contain id

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How can I get the billing_address 'id' field from a call to get Orders?

When I pull Orders from Shopify API, like so


The order.billing_address data returned does not contain the 'id' field.

However when I pull the same address down via Customers, like so


The customer.address data does contain the 'id' field.

I'm building a relational data model to store shopify data, and I would like to use the Shopify Ids to keep the data in sync.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Hey David, 

I think the closest that you'll be able to get to what you'd like is using the Customer API separately from Orders to try to cross-reference and match up addresses and get an ID.

Currently on an order, the billing and shipping address IDs are unique each time - so even if we did serialize the ID in the order object I don't think there would be any value in it. The only place you'd find a consistent ID would be on the customer. 

To clarify - a customer could place two different orders on one shop with the same address, and you'd end up with two different address IDs. 

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Thanks Josh for your reposonse.   

The Shopify APIs are great!   They are very consistant, very reliable and they are fast.  Thank you!

In the end - I'm matching to existing order addresses, using these fields:

        match_columns = ['tenant_id', 'first_name', 'last_name', 'address1',
                         'address2', 'city', 'province_id', 'zip',
        a, u, id = DataLoader('addresses')._addOrUpdate(address, match_columns)

I love that you provide long and lat data on each address.

I'm curious why you create separate records for each address, if the same address already exists in the system?


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can i know what language are you using ??