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I am new with API so I need some good advice to find a path. My supplier supports API products import, so how to import these products to shopify? Maybe there is an app, or something.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Rytis,

You have a few options here.

  1. Use REST Admin API e.g. for product that would be described here.
  2. Use GraphQL Admin API e.g. for product that would be described here.
  3. CSV import. Not an API solution but might be better for a large batch initial import.

Finally, when dealing with Shopify APIs you should be aware of rate limits. Here's a great article explaining what to consider and how to account for these. You can also try GraphQL batching - Shopify has some code over on GitHub but I haven't tried that so can't tell how useful it is. You can also try roll your own.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Rytis,
As I understand your concern, I got a solution to your problem. In the Shopify app store, there are various apps which can import product from various marketplaces to your Shopify store. You can also import products through CSV by using those apps. For example, you can try the Omni Importer app for importing purpose, it will import all the details of the products you provided in the CSV.

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Hi guys, I am having some issues and have a couple questions regarding the Shopify Import process.


I am trying to do the following: 

Import a thousand products to my Shopify Store via the Shopify API.


What I tried

I tried to do follow the docs listed here to import a single product to my Shopify Store




I called this inside of POSTMAN like so, ( I tested a view end points like getting the products and it is working for me)




I am getting an error saying invalid or required parameter.

What am I missing and can I use this endpoint to get in lots of products?


Thank you!