API's and the usage of locations

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Hey guys.

I was looking to connect with a Shopify developer who is familiar with API to look at some documents from a transport company here in Australia.

They use API but currently have no Shopify customers to answer my questions.

Reason I am asking this is that I have discovered a major issue we never thought off- Location limits on Shopify.

When we went to set this up with our current transport company we found their system needed to use Shopify's locations function and because we have over 20 warehouse locations here in Australia- this was never going to work and we are not prepared to pay the extravagant fees of Shopify Plus just for locations.

So I have approached another transport company as mentioned earlier and they say their system uses API and may by pass the Shopify Locations section but I need someone to look at their API documents to see if its worth pursuing or this endeavour is dead in the water.