API version 2019-04 gets blank data after the 400th page

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we have some big customers that have more than a million subscribers. We have customer import functionality from the Shopify Customer API (version 2019-04). When we reach page 401 the results are always blank afterwards which should not be the case. 


Please advise.

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The behavior of page based navigation through huge result sets is not consistent and extremely unreliable. You should consider using since_id (starting at 0, and taking the id of the last item received in response and pass it as since_id for the subsequent call) if you intend to stick with version 2019-04 of the API, or switch to the cursor based navigation shipped under the latest generally available version of the API (2019-10).

Sergiu Svinarciuc | CTO @ visely.io
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We ran into this issue as well. You can see Shopify's response here.


The response basically boiled down to upgrade to cursor based pagination or use since_id (as @Visely-Team recommended).