APIs for redeeming gift cards

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We are planning to integrate a gift card functionality in our application and we plan to use shopify for redeeming gift cards.

We plan to do this using the APIs.

We tried the /admin/gift_cards/count.json API but got the following response.


  "errors": "[API] That action is not currently supported."



We believe there are 2 options to redeem the gift card.

  1. We create an order in our application and take the gift card as an input. We would need to validate the gift card number and check its expiry. If valid, we deduct the gift card amount from the order amount and send the order to Shopify. We would also need to update the gift card balance.
  2. We create an order in our application and take the gift card as an input. We send these details to Shopify along with the gift card number and Shopify will handle deduction of the order value from the gift card amount and update the gift card balance.


Can you guide on which option to use and let us know the APIs that are supported to achieve this?


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Here's the quote from the api docs:

"The Gift Card resource is currently only available to Shopify Plus Customers."

Page: https://docs.shopify.com/api/gift_card

Check if your shop is on the Shopify Plus plan (the really expensive one).

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Hi Simon,

Is there a way I can use the discount API for my dev shop? Do I really need to get a shopify plus store, just so I can test my app?



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We are facing the same issue...is this question resolved. Do we need to have the expensive shopify plus plan to just test our app for the Gift card APIs...